Impact Head

  • Maximize your performance with Goldline's Impact Head.
  • The Impact Head features Goldline's quick release system.
  • Push button release makes removing and swapping your pad easy and reliable.
  • Pad base, foam & sleeve sold separately.
  • Certified to meet WCF specifications when paired with an Impact Pro sleeve.


The Impact Head from Goldline is the culmination of years of research focused on developing a curling broom head that maximizes performance within the confines of the World Curling Federation's specifications.

Topologically effecient, the Impact Head is lightweight while maintaining its structural integrity to ensure that your downward pressure is maximized across the surface of your pad. Throughout the development process we modelled out the pressure profile and ran simulations on performance to ensure we remained focused on developing the best high performance curling broom head we have ever made.

On ice testing confirms that the Impact Head maximizes performance for carry, hold and carve.

The Impact Head comes equipped with our standard quick release hosel, ensuring compatibility with existing Goldline handles. We've also used a push button release system to allow for quick and easy pad replacement that is reliable enough to keep your pad in place where you need it.

If you are putting together a complete Impact Head, be sure to pick up an Impact Head, an Impact Pad Base, an Impact Foam and either an Impact Rec Sleeve or an Impact Pro Sleeve.

Ratings & Reviews

11 Reviews

Worth the investment


Purchased the complete head with foam etc. a few weeks ago. So far I'm very pleased with it. I do think it is more effective than the Air head I replaced, as my attempts at directional sweeping (and certainly carrying) do seem to work. I did find the pad started to separate from the pad on one side after about 6 games, but the video on Youtube showed how easy it is to fix that with a bent paper clip.

Very Helpful!


Courteous and very helpful when told that impact head had broken. Received new one free within 5 days.



The customer service was amazing and very helpful. The person I spoke with was very kind and made the process quick and easy.

Warranty honoured


Bought the Carbon Fibre Impact Broom for Christmas last year but had trouble getting the pad base to click into the Impact head. Dealt with Joanne (?) at Goldline who, when I supplied her with the proper particulars, promptly shipped me a new Impact Head under warranty. It arrived quickly and works like a charm. Very happy with my Impact broom and Goldline's warranty service.

Pretty Much As Expected


I like the quick-release mechanism to change brush headcovers. It is superior to the Goldline Air heads that it is replacing.



i love the head it was a quick replacement for the one i already had that broke and wasn't holding the head in properly. the customer service was great through text messages.

Need the other half still


Thank you for shipping me a new Impact Head but I also need a new fabric head. Do you sell them separately?

Great Service, but why?


Does anyone wonder why they have to replace these things all the time?

RESPONSE: Hey Dave! There are two separate sets of threads on the buttons, and we had one production batch that didn't have thread lock applied to one set of threads. As soon as we realized the problem we corrected it, so we're offering a free warranty replacement on any heads where the button comes loose.

It works


It's stiffer than expected, but it works

Impact Tsunami.


Great response when I was having an issue with my new Impact Broom. Very fast shipping and it was a great replacement product.

Amazing customer service


Excellent customer service on a warranty Impact Head. Highly recommend!